Technical Assistance

WeBSEDFF presents a unique opportunity for private companies and developers to get free technical assistance in financing and launching of their projects. The technical assistance is funded by grants from the European Union, from the Western Balkan Fund and from the EBRD's Shareholder Special Fund.

Technial assistance is provided by project consultants who will:

  • Support project sponsors to define the scope of their projects (including by performing an Energy Audit) and assist them in applying for financing.
  • Verify the compliance of the project with the technical and other eligibility criteria.
  • Estimate the potential CO2 emission reductions by each project on the basis of which the incentive payments can be calculated.
  • Provide guidance to the project sponsors about the best practices in the field and support them in project implementation.

Project Consultant services are entrusted to:

and its partners:

After project completion, an independent Verification Consultant

  • monitors and verifies implementation of all activities;
  • verifies avoided carbon dioxide emissions.
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