Four years after launching of the Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Direct Financing Facility (WeBSEDFF), the WeBSEDFF pipeline of projects is very strong, having a portfolio consisting of 15 projects for a total of € 63.9 million loan value. As a result of the financing provided, a total of 60 MW generation capacity from renewable energy sources is being installed, which will lead to emission reductions of approximately 442.000 tonnes of CO2 per annum.
The region still continues to have a substantial untapped potential for energy efficiency improvements and development of renewable energy projects, mainly due to the lack of experience of local authorities, banks and project sponsors. There is immediate demand for financing further projects across the region.
For these reasons, the EBRD extended in 2012 the WeBSEDFF by endowing it with additional € 50 million. The funding provided in this second phase of the Facility will have an initial commitment period of 3 years and is expected to finance between 12 and 18 individual projects. Furthermore, the range of eligible projects will be expanded to include energy efficiency projects in the public sector, financed by local private companies (ESCO contracts). Individual loans will continue ranging between € 2 million and € 6 million.
WeBSEDFF is part of the EBRD's Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) addressing the challenges of climate change and energy efficiency. Since the launch of the SEI in 2006, the EBRD is at the forefront in helping countries from Central Europe to Central Asia to secure sustainable energy supplies, and finance the efficient use of energy that will cut demand and imports, reduce pollution and mitigate the effects of climate change.

In the Western Balkans, the WeBSEDFF is complemented by

  • a credit line facility for financing industrial energy efficiency, small renewable energy projects and ESCO projects through participating banks, the EBRD Western Balkan Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (WeBSEFF)
  • an institutional capacity building component to address deficiencies in the regulatory framework for renewable energy, energy efficiency and ESCO projects and other obstacles to the development of the market for sustainable energy projects.

We invite you to learn more about the WeBSEDFF here on our website. For any questions regarding the facility, please  contact the WeBSEDFF team.

With the facility the EBRD is helping the Western Balkans switch to green power, guarantee secure and stable access to electricity and cut carbon emissions.

Below please find an exemplary presentation of a project financed under WeBSEDFF.

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